HGM Trimmers

Endorsements or Recommendations

This page on other HGM trimmers is another resource to hopefully help you learn about HGM or check into getting trimming help. Please keep in mind that I am not the authority of the HGM. I am just one other horse owner trimmer helping to spread Maureen's knowledge. I wish I could have a verifiable list of trimmers but at this point I don’t and probably will never. So even as I have some trimmers listed, please understand that I can't endorse or recommend any trimmers. You as the horse owner must always take responsibility for "vetting" the the potential HGM trimmer and make sure they are actually using the HGM.

Maureen Tierney HGM Certified Trimmers

Maureen had two certified trimmers listed on her website. They are:

Other HGM Trimmers 

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