Horse Hospice

I attended a webinar today that Stormy May held with Mary Walby who presented on horse hospice. I wanted to learn more and especially learn how to deal with the public and animal control when you have an old horse who is thin but is being taken care of well. 

Hospice has been mostly for people. People are given support to die naturally usually with pain medicine if needed. But in the horse world, seeing old and thin horses is mostly seen as neglect or abuse and not part of the dying process. At least that is what I can tell from posts I have seen. 

As a horse owner, I had never heard of horse hospice before this. Horse hospice is not discussed in the horse community, or with veterinarians or animal control but it should be an option that horse parents should be allowed to consider for our horses. Things have to change in the veterinary and animal control world as it is a very emotional topic and one that could also lead to legal troubles these days.

Below is Mary's Facebook page and her website because I want to help spread her experience and let horse parents know of the option of doing hospice with their horses instead of euthanasia. 

Horse Hospice Facebook page -

Mary's website -

I think Stormy will have a recording posted soon.

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