Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What makes people think that horses were put on the earth to ride and control?

Horses are the most abused animals on the planet. No other animal can we whip, spur, put iron in their mouths, nail iron shoes on their feet, train using archaic methods and generally think the horse is beast that must be controlled.

I know some people who believe horses are beasts of burden, that they were placed here by God to do with what we want. They don't even consider that horses have a conscious...that they feel...These people just think that you throw some flakes of hay a couple of times a day to them and then use and and abuse them and ignore their emotional needs. Do people think horses are robots? A lot of the people I know seem to act like they are. Horses are so controlled by people these days that they can't even be horses. Even the ones that are "wild" are controlled. When will we learn that horses were not put on this earth for humans to control. Horses have a spirit and soul and the must be allowed to express their feelings and have a choice of what they want to do for their life. Humans need to stop abusing and controlling them....please!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Opinions are like...

We all have heard the phrase..."opinions are like assholes...everyone has them" at some point in our lives. And in the traditional horse community there are millions of them. I have had to suffer many unsolicited "opinions" in the many dealings I have had with other horse people...from trainers, to barn owners to boarders who think they all walk on water. I have had countless sleepless nights reviewing what they have said to me...thinking they were right or they knew what they were talking about since they have been around horses longer than I had at the time. Boy was I wrong...Flash forward many years of learning and evolving to find out that I knew more than they did. So many horse people are stuck in traditional ways and continue to share their opinions of how horses should be cared for or trained. But they don't know...they are just looking to fool you, take your money and hurt your horse. I say run and not walk away from these people. There are better ways to be with your horse and have the relationship you want with them.

Always follow your heart...listen to your intuition. You do not need to follow some trainer or barn clique. Believe in yourself and what your horse is telling you. You are the only one that can speak for your horse. Leave the traditional horse world and seek out those that are like you and believe what you do about horses and how they should be cared for. We are growing in numbers. I hope you will!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Being Different…

I have been different all of my life…a lot of the time I didn’t realize it fully…just knew that I didn’t fit in. I did try to but always felt like I was on the outside. Most of the time I was given some label…quiet, shy, thinks she is better than others, confused…the list went on and on. There was always the part that I was excited to learn what the group was doing but then came the part where I evolved by learning what they are actually doing and had to go my separate way.

In the horse community I tried to do what others did too…lasted a couple of years before I realized I was very, very different. In those couple of years I struggled because I wanted to fit in with everyone, have fun but I just couldn’t be a part of what they did. Especially to their horses. But here too I got to a point where my thinking and learning had evolved beyond what everyone was just continually doing and I had to go my separate way. It was the right thing for me and my horse.

Years later on my own farm I thought I was away from the horrible things and the drama of the owners, riders and trainers. But I am not…There are people nearby who have to bait me, think I am silly or confused. I have told them I do things differently with my horses, they ask questions and then become like a psychologist telling me that I am sad and depressed because I am treating my horses differently than what the traditional horse world does. Currently I do not ride…not sure if I ever will again…I do not put iron shoes on my horses or ride with a bit. My horses have opinions and characters. They are not just staring off into space. We may not be perfect but I will never go back to the traditional ways of horse care management or training. NEVER…

Some have said I am the problem, that I am judgmental of others. I have had to look at this in the past because I have been but it has been mainly in keeping in defense of the care of horses or other animals. I do realize that people have the right to treat their animals the way they want no matter if it goes against everything I believe. They can do what is “acceptable” in the horse world or in the animal world in general even though what is “acceptable” is not humane or compassionate or even in the best interest of the horse or other animals. So at this point in my life, it is not me being judgmental. It is showing that there are other kinder ways that are better and in the best interest of the horse. And I try to do that by example…not by ramming it down the throats of people.  I do realize that even doing that, will still cause people to be uncomfortable. I think that is good. Hopefully they will question what they are doing and find out it is wrong. But if not, I will have to let it go. And regarding my recent events with this person, I have learned that I am really OK with being different and that they are not worth my time or friendship. I have moved on and after this post, I will not spend any more energy on it.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

So Sorry...

I am so sorry for not actively updating my blog.  I have been finishing up my Associates Degree.  To some it may not mean much but I have been working on this for the last 30 years.  I started taking classes when my son was a wee baby.  He is now turning 32 years old.  Life got in the way so many times...but with taking a couple of classes a year for the last 10 years I have finished!  I am so happy!  Anyway...I will be writing more and adding resources.  I hope you will check back!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Listen to the feet! 

That is what I have heard time and time again from other barefoot trimmers.  I have been doing my horses feet for more than a few years now...well there were some breaks in between where my mentor came out and did if I was traveling.  I have learned so much from her and from reading Jamie Jackson and Pete Raimey's books.  So much has changed in me as a trimmer over the years but also in my horses hooves.  I see them everyday so I can see what is happening.  Since beginning, my horses feet have undergone a huge transformation.  A few things that I did different was add a mineral supplement...California Trace which is balancing their grass and hay.  The other things that I have done is using a magic marker, I mark were the apex of the frog points to at the wall of the toe.  I draw a line so when I trim from the top, I know where the middle is.  This has help me with making sure I have the hoof balanced.  And I have have a very clear understanding about heel height.  The one other thing that I never did in the past was not touch the bars.  But I have been trimming the bars a little and WOW!  It is like I have different hooves now.  These changes I made were in a series of changes that I went through over the years in listening to my horses, watching them move.  Seeing what worked for them and what doesn't. These things work now...hopefully they will continue to work.  My skill level has increased and I feel more confident in my ability to do barefoot trimming.  I am glad that I am not afraid to try different things.  Doing that allows me to listen, watch and be better at giving the horse what he needs.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

So I am just so sad and disgusted lately on how humans treat the earth and our animals friends. I am seen such horrible things being done to the earth in the name of greed and I have seen such suffering and torture to animals for greed and just because the people are evil. Why do people not see what they are doing?  Is it tradition? Do they view animals as just beast of burden (heard that lately) and do not care of they cause the animal suffering?  Where do they get these notions? How can help them see what they are doing without turning them away?  I struggle everyday with this every day.  What do I do?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Today I am trying to figure out how to get some of my land cleared to make more pasture and renovating existing pasture on very little money.   Anyone have any suggestions?  For renovating, I tried dividing my pasture that I have to allow the grass to grow but so much needs to be done to the soil to make it healthy enough to grow grass instead of weeds.  And I do not want to use any herbicides.  Today after many days of watching one of horses try to break through the tape into the pasture, I decided to let him go in and eat what is growing.  Watching him be upset was just to hard for me.  So now I will have to figure out a plan to clear the land and get pasture growing so I can then renovate the existing pastures...any suggestions are appreciated!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

So I feel very cheated...I am sure they don't mean too but they just don't tell the truth...I am talking about hay dealers selling hay by the bale.  Since I have had my horses on my own farm, I have learned that you have to watch very carefully what they say.  After buying some wonderful hay in October that I thought would last me until Summer, I have started to run out prematurely.  Did I not count correctly? Did they not deliver me what I asked.  I don't count while they unload.   I know we waste a bit...did we waste more than I thought?  Well that might account for some of it but last night I started to do some figuring....the hay dealer told me the bales were 50 lb. bales.  I decided to weigh some of the bales that I have left.  Almost all weighed 40 lbs. and a few 35 lbs. This is the real reason...I didn't get as much hay as I thought I got.  Imagine my shock...I really felt cheated.  Who do I blame?  Me...I should have done my home work prior and not take his word for it.  I will have to be sure when I buy by the bale again that the pounds are correct.  I can't make the same mistake again.  Really I think buying by the pound is best but there is only one hay dealer around here that does but they are quite a drive away.  We will see what the summer hay prices bring...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What a day...I have been worrying about too many things lately.  Worry is robbing me of my sanity really.  I want to stop worrying but haven't been successful for more than about an hour.  I need to focus on other things...being grateful and loving my life. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

It has been awhile since I have written anything on my blog...I have been super busy at work and with school.  I have a break so I hope to start back right away!  Keep an eye out!